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Microsoft Office Training in the Netherlands and Belgium

We provide a variety of Microsoft Office Training in the Netherlands and Belgium as a Microsoft Certified Academy. English or Dutch Language online training is available. We provide interactive Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Outlook, and Access classes online. Our training program has been built using a classroom setting, specialized training, or corporate courses and is very interactive. Our courses have been approved by the CPD Standards Institute, an international professional training organization. This indicates that taking one of our courses will allow you to get a globally recognized credential to help you advance your profession and resume.

PowerPoint Courses in the Netherlands

As a Microsoft Certified Academy, we must uphold the highest online learning standards due to our Academy designation. Our entire online course is interactive in every way. The method makes use of online tutors on active servers. As a result, the student can receive instruction from a virtual tutor who can grade their assignments and provide feedback. This procedure mimics one-on-one instruction from an online tutor.

Word Courses in the Netherlands

Many large organizations can choose from various corporate training options from Microsoft Office Courses. You may view a sample of our client list on our about us page. We may conduct corporate and organizational training at the client’s location. Depending on the business clients’ training requirements, we can offer specialized and bespoke programs or regular Microsoft syllabus training. Upon successfully completing the program, students will obtain a CPD certificate as all the courses are CPD Accredited.

Excel Courses in the Netherlands

We have created a variety of career-focused training programs. We offer training courses for various professions, including finance, accounting, human resources, administration, sales, and project management.

Certified Training in Dutch or English for Microsoft Office Programs

We provide high-quality training thanks to our specialized knowledge in the subject and collaboration with our Microsoft Platinum Partners affiliates. We provide top-notch classroom and online instruction in Dutch, English, German, and French.

Our highly skilled and experienced instructors can provide students with excellent Microsoft Office in-person and online training. The knowledge and digitally acknowledged credentials that many of our past students have acquired from attending our courses have greatly benefited them.

Dutch Microsoft Office training programs

The Microsoft Certified Academy provides courses in Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Outlook, and Access that are accredited internationally. French, German, Dutch, or English.

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