Microsoft Office Courses in the Netherlands

Please find out about us at Microsoft Office Courses in the Netherlands. We are a Microsoft-certified academy that offers courses in the Netherlands and Belgium called Microsoft Office Courses. Microsoft Academies are part of a network we work with across the UK, Germany, France, and Spain. In 1988, the training group was established. We provide a variety of approved training programs to help you develop your abilities. The CPD Standard Institute has accredited every one of our courses. This guarantees the calibre of instruction for our courses. Our trainees can earn an internationally recognized qualification by completing our courses and receiving the CPD Certificate. This is advantageous for our student’s resumes and employment prospects.

Online Courses for Training

Our Microsoft Office training program is dynamic and effective online. It offers courses on a live server with a virtual instructor. This means that your virtual teacher will provide you with real-time guidance, and your exercises will be graded and provided with feedback. Students who complete each course’s requirements are awarded CPD certifications. All of these courses are CPD Certified. We offer courses in Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Access and Outlook.

English or Dutch training

Continuous Professional Development is referred to as CPD. An international organization that certifies and accredits professional training is the CPD Standard Institute. Governments, businesses, and professional organisations worldwide have recognized it. We provide all our programs in your choice of Dutch, English, French, or German.

Classroom instruction

It is possible to take scheduled classroom courses in Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, and Outlook. There can be limitations on social contact because these can be provided online. Every course has CPD accreditation, and CPD certificates are given out, which helps with resume building.

Customized corporate training programs and courses

We provide corporate training at clients’ locations or in our facility. These can be planned for regularly scheduled classes or specially designed training programs to fulfil the requirements of a particular organization. All corporate training programs are CPD accredited, and graduates receive certificates.

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