Microsoft Access Courses

Online Microsoft Access Training

A Microsoft Certified academy offers online Microsoft Access training in the Netherlands. Our training programs are CPD-accredited, and certificates are awarded upon completion of the program.

The whole spectrum of training courses is available from us, including:

  • Online training
  • Classroom instruction
  • Customized training and courses geared toward a particular industry
  • Virtual Classroom training
  • Corporate Training delivered at your location

Online Courses in the Netherlands

Microsoft Office Courses have provided access training to a broad spectrum of clients, and many of our alumni have used the training to enhance their careers. This is because we provide a Microsoft Office product certification. This could improve your career prospects and resume.

Dutch or English training with CPD accreditation

Excel is a popular choice among our Access students since it is relevant to many of them. We provide interactive online training in Dutch, English, or French utilizing a cutting-edge training system. Our system has a virtual instructor that gives you instructions and exercises. After that, the exercises are graded, and feedback is provided. This procedure is very interactive and replicates having a private instructor on call every single day of the week for flexible instruction.

What is Microsoft Access?

Microsoft Access is a well-known database management system made by Microsoft. It is a component of the Microsoft 365 office suite. Software development tools, a graphical user interface, and Microsoft’s relational Jet Database Engine are all included in Microsoft Access (GUI). It has been around since November 1992, when it was initially introduced. The best way to characterize a 30-year-old program in the quickly evolving, fast-paced IT industry is as “venerable.”

Business and enterprise users may efficiently manage massive volumes of data and conduct analyses with Microsoft Access. The application offers a combination of database functionality and programming abilities for designing simple-to-use forms.

Like Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access allows you to save, edit, and examine data. However, Access allows much more than Excel in terms of storage of data.

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