Our Beginner Microsoft Access Course is the best way to start working with databases. The training programme uses a virtual instructor function. The virtual teacher simulates having a personal IT trainer by instructing, correcting, and providing examples. This interactive online training is a very efficient and cutting-edge technique for learning. Microsoft Platinum Partners designed the system. You can progress to the Intermediate Course when you complete the Beginner Course.

The course aims to teach the fundamentals of using Access.

Course content

  • Database Fundamentals
  • Learn what Access is and how it functions.
  • Find out what makes up a database’s objects.
  • You must be aware of: the database management system you use
  • You must be aware of: The Quick Access Toolbar and the Ribbon beginning the database
  • Database items
  • Attend to your administrative duties: What use would the database serve without the records?
  • Learn to decipher, modify, eliminate, and sort them.
  • Entering data
  • Insert a datasheet or form. Edit a field’s value.
  • Lookup records
  • Delete a field’s value Change records
  • Organize records
  • Information use
  • Simple query examples and fundamental printing strategies.
  • Print Preview
  • Margins and object orientation for each print job
  • Run a search

Entry requirements

There are no requirements to enter.

Beginner Microsoft Access Course

Dates and Length

You have up to six months to complete the course. The course is flexible and can be studied at any time and started on any date.

Anyone who plans to work in an office using databases or for personal gain should find this suitable.

Benefits of the Microsoft Access Beginner CPD Certificate Course

  • Your CV and career prospects will improve due to the CPD certificate
  • Outstanding exercise to demonstrate at employment interviews
  • Utilizing Microsoft Access with confidence
  • Work more quickly when using Access.