This Accredited Beginner Outlook Course is taught online. Microsoft Outlook is an essential feature in an efficient and smooth-running modern office. In addition to communicating via email, this software allows you to maintain calendar/s, send out/accept meeting invites etc. Our interactive course uses the latest technology and techniques. This course is accredited and certified by the CPD.

Course Format

The training is given online, with the guidance of a Virtual Tutor. The Virtual Tutor teacher instructs, corrects and gives examples to simulate that you have a personal IT trainer. This is a very effective and modern method of delivering interactive online training.

Beginner Outlook Course

Training is available in Dutch or English.

Beginner Outlook Course Content

  • Email work environment
  • Manage panels and folders
  • Create and send messages
  • Manage text in messages
  • Use recipients from an address book
  • Manage attachments to received messages
  • Reply, forward, print, and delete messages
  • Calendar, using contacts in Outlook
  • Using Reminders
  • Manage Window Tasks, make note
  • Manage categories
  • Use help
  • Manage mail while you are away
  • Add a signature to messages
  • Create appointments or events
  • Recurring appointments or events
  • Customize the calendar
  • Print calendar and calendar entries
  • Personalize Printing Styles
  • Contact groups
  • Sort, group contacts
  • Send contacts by email
  • Customize views, ribbon
  • Record items in the diary
  • Best Practices with an Email Application

Dates and duration

We offer a flexible schedule and start date. You have access to the program for a year, but most students complete the training much faster. There is an average of 15 learning hours.


  • An education program written by Microsoft Platinum Partners
  • User-friendly and interactive
  • Advanced systems with interactive Virtual Tutor
  • Similar to a personal tutor
  • A flexible learning environment
  • Internationally recognized certification upon completion of the CPD Standards Institute.