A virtual instructor on a live server provides online instruction for this Beginner PowerPoint Course. This course aims for participants to reach a “Proficient Level.” It is designed for beginners. After completing these courses, you can continue to study and enrol in the Intermediate and Advanced Level PowerPoint courses, which are CPD-accredited.

The ability to use PowerPoint is crucial in many different occupations. The most popular presentation tool software is PowerPoint; learning how to utilize it can help you stand out with your massive presentations. You will undoubtedly notice how many employers seek people proficient with PowerPoint if you read through a job board.

Course Format

The instruction is given online with the help of a virtual instructor. The virtual teacher mimics having a live IT trainer by training, demonstrating examples, correcting errors, and giving correct examples. This style of interactive online training is incredibly effective and state-of-the-art.

Beginner PowerPoint Course

Course Material

  • An overview of the workplace
  • Create, Move, Zoom, Edit, View, and Copy Slides
  • Enter text, choose a text option, and edit it.
  • The Notes page is used.
  • Overview of essential features that can help you operate well
  • Slideshow in action
  • Making a new presentation while printing and editing the layout
  • Layouts and Themes
  • Character style (font, case, size, and spacing)
  • Formatting and presenting
  • Paragraph copy forms with numbers

Dates and length of the program

You have a flexible 6-month period to finish the training. It is possible to complete the course in a far shorter time.

Requirements for the program

The course has no prerequisites because it begins at the beginning level.

Benefits of taking the course

  • The format of the course’s delivery is user-friendly.
  • Because we are a Microsoft Academy, we can guarantee high-quality instruction anywhere in the world.
  • The program has CPD accreditation.
  • Upon Completion, you will receive a CPD Certificate
  • Interactive live server and virtual instructor
  • Interactive online instruction that simulates a personal tutor
  • The curriculum is adaptable to your needs.


CPD accredited certification.