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This PowerPoint Beginners course is taught online on a live server with a virtual teacher. The course is CPD accredited and it is possible to take the Intermediate and Advanced Level PowerPoint courses after completing these courses.

In a number of different professions; PowerPoint is an important skill to have. It is the most widely used presentation tool software, which means that if you want to stand out with your large presentations, you will want to know how to use PowerPoint. If you read through a job board, you’ll probably see how many employers are looking for candidates who are good with PowerPoint.

Beginner PowerPoint Course Goal

This course is a PowerPoint course at a beginner level with the aim that the participants reach a “Proficient Level” afterwards.

Beginner PowerPoint Course

Course Format

The training is given online, with the help of a virtual teacher. The virtual teacher instructs, corrects and gives examples, to simulate that you have a personal IT trainer. This is a very effective and modern method of delivering interactive online training.

Course content

To work
Overview of the work environment
Edit/View/Zoom/Create/Move/Copy Slides
Enter/select/edit text
Undo/reverse an action
Using the Notes page
Overview of beginner level features to work effectively
Play the slideshow
Printing and Editing the Layout
Create new presentation
Themes and Layouts
Character format/font/case/size/space
Presenting and formatting
Number/identify paragraph
Copy formats

Dates and duration

The course can be started at any time. He has an average of 15 lessons. You have 6 months to complete the training on a flexible basis.

Prerequisites for the course

The course starts at a beginner level, so there are no entry requirements.

Benefits of training

  • The course is delivered in a user-friendly format
  • With our status as a Microsoft Certified Academy, ensuring our training is of the highest international standard
  • The course is CPD accredited
  • Certification on Completion
  • Live server and virtual teacher is interactive
  • Online interactive training to simulate a Personal tutor
  • The course is completely flexible to your needs online

PowerPoint Training Outcome

CPD accredited certification from our Microsoft Certified Academy.

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