If you work in an office, chances are you need to use Microsoft Excel every day. This is especially true if your role involves elements of finance, accounting, or bookkeeping. The more financial aspects your role involves, the higher your skill level in Excel will be, and many companies ask their employees to demonstrate advanced skills. Your proficiency in Excel is often tested during the job interview, where applicants who have not mastered the software will not be considered for the position.

Advanced Excel Course Online

Excel Course Objective

The main purpose of this course is to enable students to acquire advanced level skills in Excel. As a Microsoft Certified Academy, we offer advanced Excel lessons online, rest assured that all the training, knowledge and skills you receive are state of the art and your training will be delivered at the highest level. The Advanced Excel Training Course we offer is fully CPD Accredited, and this will be issued to those who pass the course upon completion. The course format is ideal for anyone looking to learn advanced Excel online.

Course Format

The training is given online, with the help of a virtual teacher. The virtual teacher instructs, corrects and gives examples, to simulate that you have a personal IT trainer. This is a very effective and modern method of delivering interactive online training.

Training is available in Dutch or English

Course Content

  • Pivots tables and charts
  • Advanced formulas (Lookup, Date functions)
  • IF statements, AND and OR
  • Nested, Arrays and Conditions Formulas
  • Scenarios, Target Search and other advanced features
  • Auditing and error checking
  • Templates and Themes
  • Protect workbooks
  • Share workbooks

Dates and duration

The average learning time is 15 hours. You can start and study at any time according to a flexible schedule.
You can take the course for a maximum of 12 months.

Advanced Excel course

Excel Advanced Course Requirements

You must have intermediate level skills to take the advanced course and earn an advanced excel certificate online.


  • Training written by senior Microsoft Trainers in a Microsoft Certified Academy
  • Live server with virtual teacher allows the student to receive instruction, as if having a personal teacher
  • CPD Accredited Excel Course with a CPD Certificate issued on successful completion
  • The training is very practical with numerous exercises for hands-on learning
  • As a Microsoft certified academy we can offer internationally recognized Microsoft certification and we can guarantee that we offer the best advanced Excel course online.
  • Afterwards we give a CPD accredited certificate from the Microsoft Academy. Add advanced Excel skills to your resume.