Microsoft Excel is essential to many jobs, and gaining Advanced Excel skills can help you advance your career.  This is particularly true if your position includes finance, accounting, or bookkeeping aspects. However, many jobs now require Excel for varying reasons. Excel competency tests are frequently administered during job interviews, and candidates who are unable to master the program will not be given consideration.

Advanced Excel Course

Excel Course Objective

This course’s primary goal is to allow students to develop advanced Excel skills. As a Microsoft Certified Academy, we provide advanced Excel classes online. You can be sure that your instruction will be of the best calibre and cover the most recent information. We provide a comprehensive CPD-accredited Advanced Excel Training Course, and those who complete the course will receive a certificate. Anyone wishing to learn advanced Excel online will find the course format great.

Format of Course

With the aid of a virtual instructor, the training is delivered online. The virtual teacher acts as your IT trainer by guiding, correcting, and providing examples. Delivering interactive online training in this way is a very efficient and cutting-edge technique.

Training is available in Dutch or English

Course Content

  • Pivots tables and charts
  • Advanced formulas (Lookup, Date functions)
  • IF statements, AND and OR
  • Nested, Arrays and Conditions Formulas
  • Scenarios, Target Search and other advanced features
  • Auditing and error checking
  • Templates and Themes
  • Protect workbooks
  • Share workbooks

Dates and duration

You can start and study at any time according to a flexible schedule. The average learning time is 15 hours.

You can take the course for a maximum of up to one year.

Excel Advanced Course Requirements

You must have intermediate-level skills to take the advanced course and earn an advanced excel certificate online.


  • We are a Microsoft Certified Academy, and senior Microsoft Trainers develop training content.
  • The learner can learn as though they had a personal tutor by using a live server with a virtual teacher.
  • Excel Course with CPD Accreditation and CPD Certificate Upon Successful Completion
  • The training is very hands-on and includes lots of practice activities.
  • We can provide internationally recognized Microsoft certification as a Microsoft-certified academy and promise to provide the best advanced Excel training available online.
  • We then award a Microsoft Academy certificate that CPD has accredited. Improve your resume by including sophisticated Excel skills.