Microsoft Excel Courses Netherlands

Excel courses are available in the Netherlands and Belgium from Certified Academy. We provide customized and corporate training, online courses, and virtual classrooms. The CPD Standards Institute has accredited every one of our training programs. This is a global organization that provides certified career training. We issue a CPD Accreditation Certification after the course has been completed successfully. We provide all our training courses in Dutch, English, French, or German in the Netherlands and Belgium. You can choose the language that suits you best.

Excel Training Online

Our Microsoft Certified Academy has collaborated with Microsoft Platinum Partners to provide online Excel instruction that is truly interactive. A variety of Excel courses are available from us. We offer online, corporate onsite, bespoke, and virtual Excel courses. All of our training programs are CPD-accredited and end with a Certification. A regulatory body’s internationally regarded Excel qualification is excellent for your résumé and professional advancement.

Modern technology is used in our online training. This system has a virtual teacher and is a live server. Before presenting you with the correct response, it gives instructions and checks your work. When you need help, it’s like having your own Excel trainer. With this approach, participants can still benefit from individualized attention and high-quality instruction, much like in a classroom, while also having access to the adaptable training program that makes online training possible. Our courses are at three levels: Beginner, Proficiency, and Advanced.

Since you will be utilizing the live version of Excel that is included in the training system, you do not need to have Excel installed on your computer.

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Job-Related Microsoft Excel Training

With an emphasis on the skills necessary for that particular vocation, we have designed specialized training aimed at specific industries. With the aid of our interactive training system, we provide online Excel classes for administrators, salespeople, accountants, and those in banking and finance. These courses can also be ordered as part of an online program, custom training, or organization training. Please get in touch with us if you want to sign up for any of these courses.

Excel courses offered online

We provide Excel classes in a virtual classroom. This makes it possible for businesses to plan corporate training for their staff using virtual classroom software. This implies that similar to a classroom course, the training is delivered by a real-life Excel instructor. Companies that want to train their personnel without paying for travel or lodging frequently choose this option, especially during the COVID-19 crisis.

Bespoke Excel Courses

Instead of merely being instructors, our tutors are leaders in their fields and have extensive Excel work experience. Investment banks, governmental organizations, film studios, accounting firms, pharmaceutical companies, sports organizations, and many more have benefited from our specialized Excel training. Read more about our company training courses to see how these programs are great for making learning relevant to your needs.

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