The Intermediate Excel Course is a comprehensive program to learn professional information crucial in every office. It provides a high level of Excel proficiency that is useful for many careers. This course enables learners to gain a proficient level of Excel and a Certificate from the CPD.

Course Structure

The instruction is given online with the help of a virtual instructor. The virtual teacher is similar to having a personal IT trainer by lecturing, correcting, and giving examples. This method of delivering interactive online training is incredibly effective and state-of-the-art.

Intermediate Excel Course

Course Content

  • Make and alter charts.
  • Construct and control tables
  • Displaying and classifying data in a table
  • Automatic filtering and calculations in a table
  • Duplicates and empty cells
  • Proficient-level Data analytics and filtering using a range of criteria
  • Range of criteria-filtered rows copied
  • Display several lines of data in a single cell.
  • In a formula, an absolute reference
  • Values can be copied, linked, or transposed.
  • Shift, copy, and conceal sheets.
  • Move, copy, delete, and select items.
  • Chart things in a format; Text in charts should be changed; Data series and chart axes; legend and stakeout area; Control series and
  • Chart templates.
  • Establish and maintain sparklines
  • Modify a text box or a drawing.
  • Stack, rotate, align, and group objects.
  • Implement and control conditional custom formats
  • Validation Criteria
  • Data conversion and data series creation
  • Cell ranges are used in functions.
  • Describe data in summary.
  • Make a cell commendable.
  • Using the copied values, calculate.

Dates and length

The average learning duration is 15 hours long. With a flexible timetable, you can start and stop your studies whenever possible.

You have an entire year to complete the training program.


To take this course, you should have the skills listed in the Beginner Excel Course. Please commence with the Beginner Course if you do not yet have the skill level listed on this course.

Excel Training Benefits

  • The CPD Accredited Microsoft Certificate is a recognized credential that will enhance your CV and work prospects.
  • Microsoft Certified Academy developed the training to ensure that training is of the highest standards.
  • When attending a job interview, be prepared for any evaluations.
  • Gain the skills and confidence to utilize Excel efficiently at work
  • Flexible training with full interactivity. Study when you want with the guidance of our Virtual Tutor function.
  • Software that is simple to use and will increase your professional productivity

Excel Course Outcome

CPD Accredited Microsoft Certificate in Excel Intermediate upon successful completion. Access to the training program for one year.