This is a CPD Accredited Microsoft Intermediate Word Course. Our organisation is part of a Microsoft Academy, which means we use only cutting-edge technology to deliver our fully interactive training.

This course is an Intermediate Word course and is intended for students who have intermediate-level skills.

Training Style

The training is given online, with the help of a virtual teacher. The virtual teacher instructs, corrects and gives examples, to simulate that you have a personal IT trainer. This is a very effective and modern method of delivering interactive online training.

Intermediate Word Course

Course Content

  • Create, fill out, and rearrange tables
  • Select, add, and remove columns and rows
  • Table Designs
  • Perfecting and using tables
  • Combine or divide cells
  • Table to text and text-to-table conversion
  • Do the math in a table.
  • Draw pictures and objects to add variety to your writing.
  • Copy, resize, rotate, change, and move a drawing object.
  • Add, control, place, and package a picture
  • Diagrams; Graphs
  • Stunning images, graphs, and diagrams
  • Use shapes, text boxes, photos, etc., to their advantage.
  • Format for drawing objects
  • Text formatting in an object or WordArt
  • Add items from other programs.
  • Front Cover, Blank Page, Special Characters, Insert Document
  • Hyphenation
  • Character positioning and spacing
  • Make and keep a customized dictionary.
  • Settings for AutoCorrect
  • Data and document characteristics
  • Make, safeguard, and use a form
  • Work and move bulky paperwork
  • Windows and a view
  • Change up the headers and footers.
  • Control the automated page breaks; Control endnotes and footnotes
  • Titles in ascending order; overview; index

Dates and duration

The course can be started at any time. He has an average of 15 hours of lessons.


You must have a beginner-level knowledge of Word. You should take Beginner Level if you need to develop these skills.


  • CPD Accredited Certificate in Microsoft Word Advanced
  • An internationally recognized certificate will boost your CV and your job prospects
  • Confidence in working with Word
  • Ability to work thanks to this knowledge quickly
  • Easy-to-use system to build practical skills
  • Access to the training program for one year
  • Flexible training schedule