Our Microsoft Excel Diploma offer the complete Excel training programme that we can offer. The Diploma includes Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels. It is also much cheaper than buying the levels separately. It is CPD Accredited, and a Diploma is issued upon completion. The Microsoft Excel Diploma is online and interactive.

It is the ideal qualification for you to improve your Excel abilities. It takes you from Beginner to Advanced level.

Microsoft Excel Diploma

We are a Certified Microsoft Office Training Academy offering a range of courses and diplomas in the Netherlands. Our training equips students with all the knowledge and abilities necessary for routine duties. The Excel Diploma program provides participants with a Microsoft Excel Diploma when they complete the program. CPD is a professional credential that is recognized all over the world.

Diploma Format

With the aid of a virtual instructor that is part of this interactive online learning system. The virtual tutor simulates having a live IT trainer by instructing, correcting, and providing examples. Delivering interactive online training in this way is an efficient and cutting-edge technique.

Training is offered in both Dutch and English.

Training Content

Beginner Module

  • Learn how to use Excel
  • Formatting in Excel
  • Beginner level formulas
  • Tables
  • Printing in Excel
  • Shortcuts and efficiency using spreadsheets
  • Graphs
  • Illustrations and graphics

Intermediate Module

  • Design and modify charts
  • Establish and maintain tables
  • Data presentation and sorting in a table.
  • Automatic calculations
  • Filtering in an Excel table
  • Advanced data filtering
  • Criteria range
  • Blank cells and duplicates
  • Copies rows filtered by a set of criteria
  • Present many lines of data in a single cell
  • A formula with an absolute reference
  • Transpose, paste values, and copy with the link
  • Move, duplicate, and hide sheets
  • Move, copy, delete, and select items
  • Format chart elements, modify chart text elements, include a legend and plot area, and include data series and chart axes; control the templates for series and charts.
  • Intro to Sparklines
  • Change a text box or image
  • Align, group, and rotate objects
  • Conditional formats
  • Validation standards
  • Create a data series; convert data; use cell ranges in functions
  • Create summary data
  • Annotate and comments in cells
  • Calculate using the copied value

Advanced Module

  • Pivot Tables
  • Pivot Charts
  • Complex formulas (Lookup, Date functions)
  • IF clauses, AND, and OR
  • Conditions, Arrays, and Nested Formulas
  • Advanced features include scenarios and target search
  • Auditing and checking for errors
  • Themes and Templates
  • Dates in Excel
  • Calculation of Duration
  • Protect workbooks
  • Share workbooks

The maximum period to complete the Microsoft Excel Diploma is six months. The course can be finished far earlier than that, with intensive study. Anytime is a good time to begin and complete the course.

Prerequisites for the course

This course has no prerequisites for enrollment. Beginning at the beginning level,

Benefits of the course

  • We are a Certified Microsoft Academy; our senior Microsoft Office Trainers create the curriculum.
  • Live assistance with your virtual tutoring feature.
  • Microsoft Excel Diploma with CPD Accreditation awarded upon completion
  • Practical course with exercises that simulate being at work
  • Upon completion, we will award a Microsoft Excel Diploma accredited by CPD Standards, enhancing your resume and job options.