Microsoft Outlook Diploma – CPD Accredited

Microsoft Outlook Diploma – CPD Accredited


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Microsoft Outlook Diploma

Microsoft Outlook is widely used in businesses. The Microsoft Outlook Diploma offers the abilities required in the workplace and for various vocations. There is an intuitive framework in place for online training. There is a Virtual Tutor who not only monitors your progress but also explains and illustrates the proper technique to do the work.

What do I gain from this Diploma?

  • Advanced level proficiency with MS Outlook in depth
  • Become job-market ready
  • Very comfortable using this program.
  • Format for the Microsoft Outlook Diploma Course
  • Online instruction is provided under the supervision of our Virtual Tutor.
  • Our Virtual Tutor function is similar to having the interaction of an IT trainer. The tutor guides, corrects and provides examples.
  • We offer training in Dutch or English. You can decide which is the best option for you and your training requirements.

Diploma Content

Dates and length

You can begin the training at any moment because it is flexible. Anytime is a good time to take the training. As a result, you can either study diligently or juggle your education with a hectic schedule. It is advised that you make an effort to finish the course within six months. The training program is available to you for an entire year.


  • CPD Internationally Recognized Microsoft Outlook Accreditation Written instruction by experienced Microsoft Partners
  • A recognized degree will improve your CV and job possibilities.
  • Prepared for a test during the interview for the job
  • Confident in their ability to utilize Outlook productively at work
  • Work through this additional information fast.
  • Flexible study timetable that can be done anytime and anywhere.
  • Flexibility to train in a shorter amount of time if necessary
  • The easy-to-use method will help you use this software effectively on a professional level.


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