Microsoft PowerPoint Diploma

Knowledge of Microsoft PowerPoint gives you the confidence to work efficiently and effectively in any office. This knowledge will impress any employer, boost your career and improve your profile in the office. CPD Accredited Microsoft PowerPoint Diploma enjoys international recognition and is achieved upon successful completion of the course.

Microsoft PowerPoint Diploma Objective

  • To obtain a CPD accredited degree in PowerPoint
  • To acquire in-depth knowledge of MS PowerPoint Advanced level
  • To enhance your career or job prospects
  • To gain confidence in this application

Course Format

The training is given online, with the guidance of a Virtual Tutor. The Virtual Tutor instructs, corrects and gives examples, to simulate that you have a personal IT trainer. This is a very effective and modern method of delivering interactive online training.

You can select training in Dutch or English.

Course content

  • Beginner Level – PowerPoint Course
  • Intermediate Level – PowerPoint Course
  • Advanced Level – PowerPoint Course

Dates and duration

It is recommended that you complete your training and assessment within six months to obtain a CPD Accredited Microsoft PowerPoint Diploma. You have access to the PowerPoint training program for 1 year.

Course Benefits

  • The Diploma is delivered in an interactive and user-friendly format
  • Our status as a Microsoft Certified Academy, ensures our training is of the highest international standard
  • The Diploma is CPD Accredited
  • Internationally recognized certification upon completion
  • Live server and Virtual Tutor is interactive that is a simulation of having a personal tutor
  • The course is completely flexible to your needs.