Microsoft PowerPoint knowledge is vital for many careers, and its use is increasingly universal. Any employer will be impressed by your knowledge, which will also advance your career and raise your status at work. After completing the course, candidates receive an accredited Microsoft PowerPoint Diploma recognised internationally.

Microsoft PowerPoint Diploma

To earn a PowerPoint degree with CPD accreditation To gain in-depth familiarity with MS PowerPoint Advanced level to improve your opportunities for employment to develop faith in this application.

Course Structure

Online instruction is provided under the supervision of a Virtual Tutor. This means that the virtual tutor is like your own IT trainer by guiding you through lessons, providing exercises, correcting mistakes, and providing corrected examples. This format of online interactive training in this way is a very efficient and cutting-edge technique.

Training is available in either Dutch or English.

Course Format

Online training program led by a Virtual Tutor. This Virtual Tutor format will teach and demonstrate lessons to you, correct you and give you examples. This simulates having a personal IT trainer. This is a cutting-edge and efficient way to conduct interactive online training.

You can select training in Dutch or English.

Course content

Dates and length

For you to receive a Microsoft PowerPoint diploma that is CPD accredited, it is advised that you finish your training and assessment within six months. The PowerPoint training course is available to you for an entire year.

Diploma Benefits

  • The format used to offer the diploma is interactive and user-friendly.
  • Our instruction is of the best calibre available because we are a Certified Microsoft Office Academy.
  • CPD Accredited and internationally recognized.
  • Interactive live server
  • Virtual tutor function resembles a personal tutor.
  • Gain practical work-related skills in PowerPoint
  • The Diploma will assist you in developing your job options and CV.