Our CPD-accredited Microsoft Word Diploma combines Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced level courses. Thi sis offered at a discounted price to buy each level separately. CPD is an internationally recognised certification.

Microsoft Word Diploma

Diploma Format

The training is given online, with the help of a virtual teacher. The virtual teacher instructs, corrects and gives examples to simulate that you have a personal IT trainer. This is a very effective and modern method of delivering interactive online training.

Diploma Content

Dates and duration

The training is flexible, you can start at any time, and the training can be taken at any time. This means you can study intensively or fit your studies into a busy life.

We recommend that you aim for completion within three months or sooner. You have the program for one year, which is helpful for future reference. In total, average learning hours are 45 hours. This is based on the average hours of active learning.

Prerequisites for the course

There are no requirements as it can start from the beginner level. The Microsoft Word Diploma is cheaper than taking the Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels separately.

Benefits of Diploma

  • CPD Accredited Diploma – Microsoft Word
  • The internationally recognized certificate will boost your CV and job prospects.
  • Ideal preparation for the job market or job interviews
  • Confidence in working with Word
  • Ability to work quickly through this knowledge
  • Flexible because the training can be taken anywhere
  • Easy-to-use system to make you professionally effective with this software