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Microsoft Office Courses offer a variety of Outlook training at the Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced levels. All of these courses are accredited by the CPD Standards Institute. The training is given by our Microsoft Certified Academy in the Netherlands and Belgium. Our training programs have been well received by many prestigious organizations. All our courses lead to full CPD certification upon completion.
Accredited Outlook courses in Dutch

If you would like corporate or customized training, please do not hesitate to contact our offices. Our trainers can then provide classroom, private or company training.

We deliver live classroom courses and virtual classroom courses to groups in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and other locations in the Netherlands. Our courses are fully CPD accredited and certified for successful completion. For beginners, intermediates and professionals we offer classroom training, but you can also ask for advanced, private or specialized programs.

Online Outlook Training Courses

Our online Outlook training courses use a state of the art system. It’s alright this includes a virtual teacher and a live server. Thanks to the online virtual teacher it is program is able to instruct you and also to monitor and correct any errors correct. It’s like having your own personal Outlook tutor when you need it has. This way the participants can still benefit from the personal attention and the high quality of a lesson, but also of the flexibility that online 24/7 training is possible makes. You can choose Beginner level, Proficient level and Advanced level. All our online courses are fully accredited with a digital certificate from the CPD Standards Institute and Certificates are awarded upon successful completion. This can be your greatly improve employability and build the skills on your resume.

Job specific training programs

Microsoft Office Courses has developed specialized courses that focus on particular industries and the skills required for that particular career. We
offer online Outlook training for PAs, administrators, medical personnel, receptionists, secretaries, office managers and the list is getting longer. It will be all offered online, using an interactive live server and a virtual lecturer. However, it is also possible to order these courses on the basis of a classroom,
tailor-made or corporate training, for those who prefer a face-to-face face training environment. These kinds of industries that use Outlook a lot choose
often also purchase training courses in Word and PowerPoint.

Outlook is the key to email management, calendar management, and meeting scheduling many of these features now require more advanced calendar management features such as International Diary Management.

Bespoke Business Training

Our teachers are experts in their field and have a lot of work experience with the use of Outlook in their field. Feel free to contact us about any areas or
specialized courses that you or your company would like to see in a tailor-made or in- house business training.

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