PowerPoint course – Intermediate Level

The PowerPoint Intermediate Level course enables the student to reach a Proficient level in PowerPoint. Our Microsoft Office training uses the latest technology in interactive training. The training is fully accredited by the CPD Standards Institute. CPD Recognized Certificate is issued upon successful completion.

PowerPoint course at Intermediate Level

PowerPoint is an important skill in many careers and is increasingly required by many employers as we communicate in a more visual way.

Course Layout

The course is offered online at Intermediate level. The online training is highly interactive with a Virtual teacher in the training system. They will guide you in each lesson, give exercises and correct your mistakes. The training system is flexible and available at any time of the day. This means you can start on any date and study on your own flexible schedule. It is similar to  having a personal IT tutor available at any time.

Course content

  • Create a table
  • Doing more with tables
  • Add artwork margins
  • Headers and Footers
  • Format the document
  • Page breaks
  • Sections Views and Windows Manage a long document
  • Improve the presentation of the document in Word
  • Forms, Templates, Shortcut keys

The Microsoft PowerPoint Training is taught by a Virtual Tutor on a live server. This is a state-of-the-art system that we own as a Microsoft Certified Academy. The Virtual Tutor will teach you orally during each lesson and then give a demonstration. You will also have many exercises that will be checked and corrected by the Virtual Tutor.

Dates and duration

The course lasts for six months, but you will continue to have access to the teaching materials for one year. Start dates are flexible. You can start on any date.

Course Requirements

You will need Beginner skills to start this course. Students who need to develop Beginner level skills can take the PowerPoint Course for Beginners.


User-friendly and work-simulated exercises to enable you to apply what you learn more effectively on the job.
Internationally Recognized Training written by Microsoft Platinum Partners.
CPD Certificate issued on successful completion.
Professional qualification to build your CV and career opportunities.
Flexible training schedule, start when you want and study on a flexible schedule.
All training courses are available in Dutch or English. Feel free to ask if you prefer another language.