This is the CPD accredited advanced level Microsoft Word course. You will obtain a CPD certificate that is internationally recognized upon completion.

Course Format

The training is given online, with the help of a virtual teacher. The virtual teacher instructs, corrects and gives examples, to simulate that you have a personal IT trainer. This is a very effective and advanced method of delivering interactive online training.

Advanced Word Course

The training is delivered in English or Dutch.

Course Content

Captions and table of illustrations
bookmarks; cross references; Hyperlinks
Text in columns; Index
Citations and Bibliography
Making Envelopes and Address Labels
Mail merge: link document and recipients
Insert, perform merge
Edit, add, sort, delete recipients
Select the records to print
Conditional text in a mail merge
Print labels via the mail merge
Variable data fields
Create, change, delete styles
Using the Styles panel
Show formatting details

Create and edit attractive, clean documents faster with themes and templates.

Create, customize a theme
Create, modify, delete a template
Edit template linked to a document
Copy styles to other files
Set, manage application preferences
Digital Signatures
Versions and file recovery
blog posts

Transfer, Export – PDF, XPS, Text, Web Page, Email

Manage tracked changes; comments
Merge, compare, secure documents
Protect a document with a password
Convert Word Documents
Tips on methodology, approach to teamwork
The SharePoint site
Share a document over the Internet.
Dates and duration

The course can be started at any time. He has an average of 15 lessons.

Course Requirements

You must have an average knowledge of MS Word. If you don’t have this level, you need to get an intermediate level education

Benefits of the Advanced Word Course

  • CPD Accredited Certificate in Microsoft Word Advanced
  • CPD Certificate will boost your CV and your job prospects
  • Confidence in working with Word
  • Ability to work quickly through this knowledge
  • Prepare for your next job and job interview selection tests
  • Flexible because the training can be at home or in our academy or a mix
  • Easy-to-use system to make you professionally effective with this software
  • Access to training program for one year

After successful completion you will obtain a CPD accredited certificate at Microsoft Word Advanced level.